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First Look: XS Sights for HK VP9 OR Pistol

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XS Sights announced the introduction of two new sight sets for the Heckler & Koch (HK) VP9 OR pistol. One set of sights is designed as a traditional night sight set while the second uses the company’s Big Dot.

For a standard 3-dot sight set, XS Sights offers the R3D. XS Sights designed this set as a notch and post set where the front sight post aligns in the rear notch for precise aiming. Additionally, this sight set uses tritium vials embedded in the front and rear sights to offer aiming points in low light conditions.

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that, in addition to being used as a nuclear fuel, can be used as a self-illuminating aiming point in a gun sight. In the case of the R3D sights, XS Sights uses a single vial of tritium in the front sight and a pair of tritium vials in the rear sight. When you cannot align the post in the notch as you normally would in full daylight conditions, you align the three dots in a level row and the gun should be on target.

For fast aiming in close ranges, the front sight has a large photoluminescent ring around the tritium vial. The ring absorbs the light and emits it over time to provide a large, easy to see aiming point.

XS Sights is well-known for its express-style sights. The DXT2 Big Dot is this type of sight for the HK VP9 OR pistol. Up front, the company uses its Big Dot front sight with your choice of an orange or yellow photoluminescent ring around a tritium vial. The rear notch sight is replaced with a shallow V-notch. Instead of dots, the rear sight uses a white vertical line as an aiming reference. For aiming, the shooter merely “dots the i” by aligning the front sight on top of the vertical stripe.

Pricing starts at $116 for these sight sets. Additional information can be found at the company’s website at xssights.com.


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