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Of all the speeches given each year at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), few are more anticipated, or more well-received, than NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s. And there’s a good reason why: In his years of speaking at the conference, LaPierre has stood up and spoke the truth about guns, gun owners and American freedom in a way few ever have.

In last Thursday’s appearance at CPAC, LaPierre addressed perhaps the most important reason that gun owners must work diligently to elect a pro-gun president this November—a U.S. Supreme Court that currently hangs in the balance.

Of course, we’ve long known that the Supreme Court was going to be a major factor in this election, with the next president likely appointing two or more new justices. But with last month’s unexpected death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the stakes have become even higher.

“This is the year we make a true and honest and real difference between more freedom or less, between a greater nation or not,” LaPierre told those in attendance at CPAC. “Justice Scalia made that kind of difference.

“With eloquence, Justice Scalia defended the fundamental freedom guaranteed to every single law-abiding American—a very real and personal liberty given to each one of us, at birth, by our Creator.” “With eloquence, Justice Scalia defended the fundamental freedom guaranteed to every single law-abiding American—a very real and personal liberty given to each one of us, at birth, by our Creator.” — NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre

LaPierre praised Scalia’s fairness, and highlighted the importance of some of the critical pro-Second Amendment decisions made by the court over the past several years.

“Justice Scalia was a monumental jurist and a hero of American freedom. He was also an avid sportsman and shooter, and a darn good wing shot,” he said. “He was a true friend to America’s 100 million gun owners and the 5 million men and women of the NRA. We miss him and mourn him.”

Scalia’s death puts the spotlight on the importance of the Supreme Court in several ways. The decision about who will nominate his replacement and who will nominate the replacements for other judges who might move off the court over the next four or eight years is truly monumental, according to LaPierre.

“The thought of President Obama replacing Justice Scalia is harrowing, but the thought of the next president putting perhaps two or more justices on the bench should scare the hell out of all of us … and here’s someone (Hillary Clinton) already planning for that day,” he said. “Hillary Rodham Clinton couldn’t pass a polygraph, but she’s already got a litmus test. And she flunks both!”

LaPierre said by following simple instructions from Justice Scalia, all American gun owners and freedom lovers can help ensure America’s future.

“We can’t all sit on the Supreme Court and make the kind of difference Justice Scalia made,” he said. “But if we follow his simple advice, we can make an incredible difference—even change the course of our entire country in this next election.

“Here it is, in Scalia’s own words: ‘The only article in faith that plays any part in my judging is the commandment Thou Shalt Not Lie.’”

LaPierre also said that he believes the lack of truthfulness in politics and the media today has helped turn many to the National Rifle Association.

“History proves that if you give the American people the straight truth, they will choose honest freedom every time,” he said. “That is why, for decades, the NRA has been the guiding light for American gun owners and those who treasure our constitutional freedom. The Second Amendment guarantees all of our freedoms. We are unafraid of honest debate and unapologetic in going toe-to-toe with anyone who gets between us and those freedoms.”

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