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“With the way our country is trending, it is very important for people to attend GOA’s 1st ever GOALS event! I hope to see you there!” – Jared Yanis, 2nd Amendment Advocate, Guns & Gadgets

Hordes of Media Influencers to attend GOA’s first ever national convention!

Jared Yanis of Guns & Gadgets … 22plinkster … the Armed Scholar … Jon Patton of The Gun Collective … and many more.

They’re all going to be at GOA’s national convention in August.

With so much at stake in this year’s elections, Jared Yanis of Guns & Gadgets encourages all GOA members to make plans to be in Knoxville, Tennessee this August:

Folks can learn how to become advocates for the 2nd Amendment while attending their breakout sessions and panels, and even meet some of the people who are engaged in the daily fight to maintain and restore our rights.

They will have special forums for students and women, and they will even have areas dedicated for children so there is no excuse not to bring the whole family.

Go here to reserve your spot at the Knoxville Convention Center on August 17-18.

Says Yanis: “The attack on our rights never relents which is why America needs YOU as an advocate and defender of our liberty. See you at GOALS!”

GOA members help protect military veterans against gun ban

Thank you to the multiple thousands of GOA members who contacted your Representatives this week, urging them to pass a repeal of the veterans’ gun ban.

The House of Representatives listened and yesterday passed H.R. 8580, which contains that protection for our military veterans. The key vote can be found here, where ‘Aye’ is the correct vote. The bill now goes to the Senate.

If enacted into law, this repeal would prohibit the Veterans Administration from sending names of military veterans (for the following year) to the NICS system, simply because a fiduciary has been appointed to handle their finances.

You can go here to view GOA’s Minute Man Moment explaining how we forced Biden to sign a repeal of the veterans’ gun ban in March—a gun ban which Democrats want to reinstate at the start of the next fiscal year (in September).

Federal Judge extends temporary injunction against Biden gun control for GOA members

Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) recently helped secure a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the Biden ATF’s new Universal Registration Check rule, which could require any person who sells just one gun in a year to obtain a Federal Firearms License and conduct background checks.

The ATF rule was originally slated to take effect on May 20th, but under the TRO, it may not be enforced against any citizen in Texas, nor against members of GOA, GOF, or two state gun groups (TFA and VCDL).

The initial TRO was slated to expire on June 2. But late last week, federal Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk extended it until June 16.

Stay tuned for more details!

GOA before the U.S. Supreme Court

Gun Owners of America is seeking certiorari in two cases that are scheduled to be considered at the Supreme Court’s next conference, which takes place today.

GOA is suing New York over its restrictions on concealed carriers in Antonyuk v. James. And in Illinois, GOA is challenging the state’s ban on semi-automatic firearms.

GOA is hopeful that the Supreme Court will decide to hear these cases in the fall.

We are also happy to report that, last week, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the state of New York in NRA v. Vullo, a case that involved both First & Second Amendment-related issues.

GOA had filed an important amicus brief in this challenge, where our attorneys argued that government is increasingly weaponizing its regulatory powers to silence political opponents.

The NRA v. Vullo decision was an important victory for gun rights, as it prevents states like New York from using the power of government to silence pro-2A speech. But as seen in the section below, GOA had to fight a legislative battle to prevent Congress from doing the same.

GOA stops Chuck Schumer from undercutting pro-gun SCOTUS ruling

While the NRA v. Vullo case was being considered in the courts, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tried to pass a “bipartisan bill” that would have allowed federal bureaucrats to debank the gun industry—in a way similar to what New York was doing to the NRA.

Thankfully, GOA was able to stop Schumer in his tracks. According to a report from Politico:

The [legislation] hit an unexpected snag in May when a compromise rattled the bipartisan coalition around the bill. It prompted Gun Owners of America, a nonprofit advocacy group, to blast the legislation as a threat to gun stores.

Thankfully, because GOA stopped Congress from rewriting the law while the Vullo case was pending, now Schumer can’t undercut the Supreme Court’s decision!

Gun owners can view a more in depth summary of this fight—and GOA’s victory—by viewing our most recent Law & Ammo video here.

Article by Erich Pratt


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