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Governor: The Idea That You Can Solve Gun Violence With A Law Is Naive & Delusional

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin posted a video clip of him answering a question by a woman trying to ask an emotionally charged question regarding the shooting in Parkland, Florida and the children’s lives being most important and yet, telling people that if they think passing more gun confiscation laws will solve the problem they are naive and that is was premature to talk about such pretended legislation.

Bevin had said that it was indeed the culture that people are engaged in that is a major factor and not guns themselves.

Bevin recounted a story in Kentucky where a similar situation occurred to what took place in Florida in February, which the mainstream media didn’t jump on because he said they shut it down to keep it from being played like a circus in the media.

In January, 2 students were killed and 18 other people were wounded when a 15-year-old boy, armed with a handgun, opened fire inside a Kentucky high school.

Gov. Bevin Responds to Alleged Hypocrisy

My views on the VALUE OF LIFE and GUN CONTROL are not mutually exclusive.Please WATCH and SHARE this video.

Posted by Governor Matt Bevin on Monday, February 26, 2018

Bevin’s oldest daughter died, though not in this shooting incident.  So, he empathized with those who had lost children in the shooting.  However, in not reacting emotionally to the situation in an attempt to find a solution, Bevin gave one of the most thoughtful and straightforward answers you’ve heard when it comes to this issue.

“This is very real to me,” he said.  “I’ve sat with those families.  I’ve buried my oldest child.  She died under different circumstances, but she went to school and never came home.  She was 17 years old.”

While he does not know “exactly” what every person is going through when they lose a child, he does know what it is like to lose a child and what the impact is on a family.

“I don’t come at this with a sense of sympathy, but empathy,” Bevin said.

He then clarified his comments about people advancing more gun confiscation laws.

“This idea involving this issue is able to be solved with a single law or rule or change is naive and delusional,” he said.  “So, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to entertain delusional thoughts.  It is part of a broader construct.”

“If we think that a part of what we are seeing is not a cultural problem, we’re kidding ourselves,” Bevin added.  “What has shifted in the last 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years?  Not the percentage of guns that we find in homes, and you can give me a statistic that there’s now more guns, fair enough, I’ll submit that that may be true.  I’m not going to argue with you.  But the reality is that there’s fewer homes that have guns in them than there were 50 years ago when children didn’t walk into schools and shoot themselves and shoot each other.  That’s a fact.”

Bevin recounted how when he attended school that kids brought guns to school.  They brought them on the bus.  They brought them in their vehicles, and yet, these kinds of shootings didn’t occur.

So, what changed?

The culture has changed.

According to Bevin, “We don’t value human life like we did.  We removed increasingly respect for the dignity of other people.”

He spoke of the growth of pornography and the degradation of women, as well as just an attitude of disrespect for human life, among those things is obviously the murder of the unborn.

Bevin added that not only are people desensitized through pornography, but also through violent video games and other media such as music and television shows.

Above all, Bevin said that our country desires to remove any sense of moral authority from any place, and we only gain a true and right moral authority from God’s Word, the Bible, the bedrock on which our republic rests.

Bevin also said that we’re losing the value of life at both ends of the spectrum.  We murder the unborn and we promote euthanasia.

Removing a sense of authority is problematic too.  Bevin said this begins in the home, and that’s exactly right.  God commanded us:

Honor your father and your mother that your days may be long in the land the Lord your God is giving you. -Exodus 20:12

That’s also reiterated in the New Testament by Paul in which he states that commandment comes with a promise: long life.

Teaching our children to respect authority in the home helps them to submit to authority when they step outside the jurisdiction of the home.  When they don’t learn this, they buck at authority, any authority, and many find that they lose their lives in the process.

Bevin ended by saying that when we remove a higher authority and a higher morality and expect a governmental solution with a piece of paper to solve these moral issues, “we’re kidding ourselves.”

I couldn’t agree more.  America needs to return to the God of her founding and to the law that God established.  If we would do that, and teach those things to our children, all would be well.  The question now is, are we doing that?  Or are we like the woman he addressed on this issue and smirking and rolling our eyes?

Which one are you?

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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