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Gun Buyback Programs Just Resell the Guns

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“To be able to say a gun is destroyed, disposal companies crush or cut up a single piece”

Gun buyback programs were already among the most senseless parts of the gun control agenda. These events in which guns are ‘bought’ are little more than virtue signaling for broken cities suffering from a crime problem. The premise is apparently that destroying guns will somehow end crime because the criminals won’t be able to get any more guns.

Not only can the criminals get more guns, but the guns being ‘bought’ aren’t even being destroyed.

When Flint, Mich., announced in September that 68 assault weapons collected in a gun buyback would be incinerated, the city cited its policy of never reselling firearms.

But Flint’s guns were not going to be melted down. Instead, they made their way to a private company that has collected millions of dollars taking firearms from police agencies, destroying a single piece of each weapon stamped with the serial number and selling the rest as nearly complete gun kits. Buyers online can easily replace what’s missing and reconstitute the weapon.

So the whole thing is even more senseless than ever. Cities are buying and then reselling firearms while claiming that they’re ending gun violence.

To be able to say a gun is destroyed, disposal companies crush or cut up a single piece that federal law classifies as a firearm: the receiver or frame that anchors the other components and contains the required serial number. The businesses can then sell the remaining parts as a kit: barrel, trigger, grip, slide, stock, springs — essentially the entire gun, minus the regulated piece.

Police agencies and disposal companies say they are following guidelines set by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. While the guidelines, posted on the A.T.F. website, show illustrations of whole guns being cut into pieces with an acetylene torch, they also say that an “acceptable method” is to destroy just the receiver or frame.

The companies, for their part, say that if public officials want the whole gun destroyed, they must pay for it.

“Our services are free for law enforcement agencies,” said Scott Reed, president of Gunbusters. “If we can’t cover our costs by selling parts, then we charge them.”

Only about two percent of Gunbusters’ clients pay to have the full firearm destroyed, he said. Federal agencies, including the Secret Service, are among them.


However, the government and gun controllers don’t actually want to stop guns from falling into the hands of criminals. What they want to do is ratchet up the tension and violence until the public goes along with banning guns. (At which point only the authorities and criminals will have them.) This isn’t about guns, it’s about social control. So the same system obsessively claiming that it’s getting guns off the street is actually reselling them for parts.

LSC Destruction’s contracts typically state that the police will keep a piece of the gun bearing the serial number, but that “LSC will retain all other portions of the firearm.”

Getting rid of the serial number is convenient because it means no one can be blamed. And the local authorities virtue signal with gun buybacks while keeping criminals on the street and pretending to round up all the guns.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield


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