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Hatsan Introduces the Hydra Rifle

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Utilizing the company’s patented Versi-Cal Technology (VCT), Hatsan has released its aptly named Hydra airgun. The Hydra is so named thanks to its interchangeable caliber system, which allows the user to trade between calibers with a single thumb screw. The VCT system couples a caliber-specific receiver and barrel into a single interchangeable module that allows a scope to remain mounted and zeroed with each caliber used. A knurled screw located at the rear of the receiver locks the upper module onto the lower receiver, allowing caliber changes in just a few seconds. Further, the Hydra uses Hatsan’s S/Roto-Index magazine system—a caliber-specific self-indexing rotary magazine made from a lightweight-yet-durable synthetic polymer. Each module features Hatsan’s QuietEnergy shrouded barrel, designed to reduce downrange noise by up to 50 percent.

A fourth module is also available that will allow shooters to use the rifle with commercially available crossbow arrows. This module features a hollow guide rod for the arrow to slide over. It accepts 20-inch 2219 aluminum and carbon fiber arrows with a 0.30-inch inside diameter. The same modular airrifle platform can now be used for target and small game hunting with pellets, then be swapped for larger game hunting without the need to buy another complete airgun.

The stock is made from laser-engraved Turkish walnut, with texturing on grip surfaces to enhance the rifle’s feel and control. A Monte Carlo-style cheek rest rises up to the right height for use with a magnified optic. The rubber buttpad, meanwhile, is both elevation and fit-angle adjustable, for a custom fit to each shooter. A fixed 165cc air cylinder fills to 2900 PSI, and can provide up to 35 shots. Weighing in at just 6.8 lbs, the Hatsan Hydra is available in .177, .22 or .25 caliber—with additional barrel/receiver modules available separately.

Article by American Hunter Staff

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