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I Carry: Taurus G3 Tactical 9 mm Pistol in a Crossbreed Holster

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Firearm: Taurus G3 Tactical (MSRP: $589)

In yet another sign that the folks at Taurus have a good read on the marketplace, one of the 2022 introductions in the company’s pistol line is the G3 Tactical pistol we have here today. Featuring a threaded barrel, FDE frame and “Patriot Brown” slide colors in addition to Taurus’s TORO optics-mounting system, the G3 Tactical has the features shooters are looking for, all at an eminently affordable price point.

The G3 Tactical is a full-size pistol offering a 17-round magazine and a 4.5-inch barrel, falling somewhere between the Glock G17 and the Smith & Wesson full-size M&P dimensionally. Overall length is 7.76 inches, height is 5.38 inches and it weighs 25.8 ounces empty – pretty standard dimensions. This means the shooter can get a full, three-finger grip on the gun with plenty of real estate for the support hand as well, while still not being unduly burdensome to carry.

Taurus’s TORO optic-mounting system is one of the better systems we’ve come across, with four plates covering a wide variety of optics. Each metal plate contains a cutout that fits into a contour milled to the top of the slide to keep it in place. The optic then sits on its respective plate, but is directly attached to the slide itself. This eliminates the need for two sets of screws, while keeping the multi-optic system as robust as possible. For those who choose not to add an optic, both the front and rear sights are all-black with serrations to reduce glare.

In keeping with the G3 family, the G3 Tactical offers Taurus’s re-strike system, where a failure to fire can be immediately remedied by pulling the trigger a second time. For those who practice the “tap, rack, assess” method of dealing with these malfunctions, this is unnecessary, but it makes dry practice significantly easier—there’s no need to rack the slide to reset the trigger. This allows uninterrupted practice more in line with actual use, definitely a good thing.

Holster: Crossbreed The Reckoning (MSRP: $74.99)

We’ve opted for Crossbreed’s The Reckoning holster for the G3 Tactical, as it offers both multiple points of retention adjustment as well as a cut-out for the threaded barrel. The Reckoning offers steel clips that allow the holster to be tucked in under a concealment garment and can be carried in either the appendix or traditional 4-o’clock position. The hybrid construction of The Reckoning allows for greater comfort against the skin with the leather component as well as molded retention on the Kydex portion.

Available in a variety of configurations for many popular pistols, The Reckoning can be ordered in a number of leather and Kydex color combinations. Different belt-attachment options are available, and even the mounting hardware can be ordered in a variety of colors. Holsters are available for both right- and left-handed shooters, can accommodate light/laser attachments and even have the option of additional, outside-the-waistband attachment as well.

Knife: True Ti Pocket Multi-tool (MSRP: $49.99)

In keeping with the multitude of options on the G3 Tactical pistol and Crossbreed holster, we’ve chosen the True Ti Pocket multi-tool rather than just a pocketknife. Sure, the Ti Pocket multi-tool has a knife blade, but it also has a saw, bottle opener, can opener and both Philips and flat head screwdrivers. There’s also needlenose and standard pliers as well as a pair of wirecutters in the center of the tool that are accessed by folding the two handles out.

All of the tools are located on the outside of the handle, meaning it doesn’t have to be opened to access each tool. Additionally, each tool locks into place when open, with the screwdriver bits locking at 90 degrees as well as 180 degrees. Locking and unlocking each tool is accomplished by pressing on a lever, one per handle. There’s even a handy pocket clip for keeping the multi-tool close at hand.

Article by JAY GRAZIO

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