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Is It Ever OK Or Even Incumbent To Use Deadly Force Against Someone In Authority? (Video)

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Thou shalt not kill. -Exodus 20:13

Ever wondered why there is the propaganda of the “Thin Blue Line”? Ever wondered why the police force is becoming more and more militarized and police are being trained to use deadly force as almost a first response to anything? What is the role of the citizenry when we witness those who are to uphold the law violating it and becoming authoritarian and tyrannical? Why does the Second Amendment exist and the right to keep and bear arms? Have you considered the mindset you must be in to take action with deadly force against a person in authority committing a brutal crime against your fellow man? Well, if you’re looking for a discussion like this, which bases the foundation of not only self-defense but the assuming of another’s rights to defend them, you’ve come to the right place. Bill Evans, my friend who is known as “The Truckdriver Theologian,” joins me for this provocative and thought-provoking discussion.

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