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Louisiana House Approves Concealed Carry On K-12 & College Campuses

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The Second Amendment should be clear enough for Americans to understand that the right to keep and bear arms does not allow for government of any kind to restrict where you may keep and bear your arms as a law-abiding citizen.  However, instead of actually just acknowledging that it is a right and should not be infringed, we do at least have some representatives trying to push back against pretended legislation that has infringed on our God-given rights, and the latest example of the comes by way of a concealed carry bill that just passed the Louisiana House.

House Bill 602, which is sponsored by Representative Blake Miguez (R-Erath) passed the House by a vote of 59 to 36 on Wednesday.

While the bill is not designed to arm teachers, it does recognize the right of gun owners to exercise that right while on campus.

The bill would overturn current pretended legislation that prohibits law-abiding concealed weapons permit holders to carry their gun on campus.

Granted, that is not all gun owners.  As I’ve said before, pretended legislation assumes you are guilty and must prove your innocence before exercising your right to keep and bear arms.  Concealed weapons permits do the very same thing, but at least eliminating this restriction is a good thing, but it’s still regulating something that government was given no authority to regulate.

The Times-Picayune reports:

Under current law, most people are not allowed to carry a gun into a school or university building unless they are in law enforcement or use a weapon for class.

This proposal would allow visitors to educational institutions — but not students or employees who work on campus — to carry a weapon as long as they had a conceal carry permit. Miguez said about 125,000 people in Louisiana are conceal carry permit holders.

Similar efforts to allow teachers and university students to have guns on campus failed earlier in the legislative session. Miguez sought to distance his bill from other “school safety” proposals that have been defeated.

Miguez said, “It is about self-defense. It is not about school safety.”

Yet, they are one in the same, but I understand he is using political language to accomplish passage of his bill.

The bill also covers both public and private schools, not allowing a ban on guns at either.

There is an issue I take with government telling private school what they may or may not do, but many of the schools in question are receiving state or federal money to operate and as such, they are having to accept the demands for that money, even though states are not to be the purveyors of education either.

State Representative Terry Landry (D-New Iberia), the former head of the Louisiana State Police, expressed needless concerns that an armed parent is allowed into the school to speak with school administrators or teachers regarding disciplinary issues of their children.

Landry claimed the bill would indicate that state representatives would have more protections than schoolchildren.

That right there should be telling to Mr. Landry, as that is the case now!

He then challenged Miguez, “Can conceal carry permit holders carry a gun into this chamber?”

“No,” said Miguez.

“But we are going to allow them to carry them into schools?” Landry responded.

This was a great moment to make the point that these pompous representatives are afraid of the people they represent so much that they don’t trust law-abiding citizens in a government building that they pay taxes to support, but Miguez missed the opportunity.

However, he did point out the obvious that those representing the people have more security than kids in the schools.

However, this is precisely the point of not infringing on the right to keep and bear arms as no one at school would need the state police, paid armed security, a school resource officer nor any other big government style security.  The people would be equipped to defend themselves and others all on their own without the aid of government if… government would just get out of the way and let people be free.

The National Rifle Association supports the bill and Landry believes many supporters of the bill did so because they feared a poor rating with the NRA.

“I understand the die has already been cast and it’s about a score,” said Landry, who opposed the legislation. “I don’t stand for the NRA. I continue to stand for our children.”

Well, I don’t necessarily stand for the NRA either, but that is beside the point.  The point is that Landry doesn’t stand for the children or their parents.  He stands for what is in his view, the almighty state and its infringements on the education of children and the infringements on the rights of their parents.

In either case, we’ll see how things go when the feds try and push their “gun-free zones” nonsense against this bill should it pass the Senate and be signed by the governor.  This is why Representative Thomas Massie’s bill that seeks to repeal gun-free zones is so important.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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