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Man Owns ATF Trying To Steal His “Solvent Traps” (Video)

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More and more stories are popping up that the unconstitutional Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATFE/ATF) has been showing up without warrants wanting to look at people’s guns or even going through and photocopying papers at FFL gun dealers.  Well, in the latest incident, the audio was captured of a man who knew his rights and put the ATF in their place and it was almost glorious…. more on that after you listen to the audio.

Take a listen.

These guys claimed that they were aware the man had purchased a solvent trap, and that these are often used as suppressors.  However, what is the ATF doing going to a person’s house and asking to take their solvent traps?  And how did they know this in the first place?  It seems that by identifying that they knew this, they had already been in the midst of going through this man’s private information to obtain the information that they assumed would lead to taking this item from the man.

“We Need To See Your Guns”: ATF Conducts Warrantless Search – Demands To See Man’s Legally Owned Guns

The man carries himself well though in spite of the clear lawless nature of the ATF agents being on his property without a warrant.

He calmly tells the agent he is not going to answer questions and the agent attempts to persist.

They actually want him to produce the solvent trap so they can take them from him, but he’s having none of it.

In my opinion, it was almost glorious except for one short item.

As soon as the agent told him he didn’t have a warrant, the man should have requested his ID and business card and then told him he was trespassing.  If he failed to get off the property, the owner then had the right to phone the sheriff and press charges against the agents.

I can tell you that this is how I would have handled the situation and put them back on their heels.

There is no law that says you cannot own a solvent trap.  Owning it does not make you a criminal.

In fact, using it to suppress the decibels of your firearm is not criminal either.  That is pretended law and rule making that our founding fathers would have been up in arms over, literally.

This lawless gang, just like the FBI and other unconstitutional alphabet agencies, needs to be abolished.

In fact, there is legislation to do just that in Congress at this moment.  Will anyone get behind it?

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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