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Massachusetts: Sweeping Gun Control to Receive Vote Without Public Hearing

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On Thursday, February 1st, the Senate will be holding a floor vote on S. 2572, a massive gun-control bill that will rewrite Massachusetts gun code. In an unprecedented move, progressive anti-gun politicians will be forcing this bill to the floor without a public hearing of any kind. That’s right, no public hearing, no citizen input, no opportunity to have your voice heard.

These radical politicians are avoiding a public hearing because they do not want to be held accountable for their bill that will strip you of your constitutional rights. The NRA believes you have a right to have your voice heard, that is why we are calling on all NRA members and gun rights supporters to contact your Senators and urge them to hold a hearing on S. 2572 and OPPOSE its passage.

S. 2572 is the Senate’s version of HD 4420, which was passed in the House late last year. Much like the House version, this bill attempts to implement some of the strictest gun-control in the country.

As written S. 2572:

  • Institutes a new, broader ban of commonly-owned firearms already owned by law-abiding citizens.
  • Bans possession of any gun, loaded or unloaded, at any state, county, and municipal building.
  • Expands Massachusetts’s Red Flag laws.
  • Mandates serialization of legally owned firearm parts.
  • Places new mandates, protocols, and training requirements on retailers.

The above bullet points are just some of the numerous provisions anti-gun politicians are proposing. For a more in-depth summary of the bill, please see the Gun Owner’s Action League’s (GOAL) breakdown here.

Do not let anti-gun politicians pass one of most extreme anti-gun bills in the country without any public input. Please contact your Senators NOW and urge them to allow Massachusetts citizens to be heard. We will continue to update you as this legislation progresses.

Article by NRA-ILA


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