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Mossberg 940 Pro Field

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This week, we’re taking a closer look at the 940 Pro Field from Mossberg. The do-it-all hunting workhorse of the 940 Pro lineup, the 940 Pro Field can take hunters from the deer blind to the duck blind, and even hit the turkey woods in between. The shotgun comes standard with a barrel-length vent rib and red fiber-optic front tube, for easy pointing when leading waterfowl, or sighting on a turkey at twilight. The muzzle is threaded for Mossberg’s AccuChoke system, allowing the hunter to utilize whichever choke is best suited from his hunt or environment. To this end, the shotgun comes with full, modified, and improved cylinder choke tubes straight from the factory. Learn more about this versatile scattergun in the video embedded above, hosted by Digital Associate Editor David Herman. MSRP: $903; mossberg.com.

Mossberg 940 Pro Field on White

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