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Mystery: California Dead Man Found with 1,200 Guns, 6.5 Tons of Ammo Plus Lots More

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Yesterday, a dead body was found in a parked car in the Southern California neighborhood of Pacific Palisades. The body, which had been decomposing in the car for 10 days, has since been identified as Jeffrey Alan Lash by his long time girlfriend and fiance, Catherine Nebron. However, the fact that his body went unnoticed for so long is hardly the strangest part of this story.

When police decided to investigate his home, they found a weapon stockpile of baffling proportions. 1,200 guns, 6.5 tons of ammunition, and numerous scopes, bows, knives, and machetes. They also found $230,000 in cash, and 8 of the 14 vehicles that were registered to him, including an SUV that was apparently submersible. Even stranger, all of the weapons were properly registered. (try buying that many guns and see how long it takes to be flagged as a terrorist).

So far there are no signs that he did anything illegal, and there is no indication of foul play. After he died, his fiance left him in his car. She claims that she was distraught, and took a trip to Oregon. She was shocked to find that his body was still there when she returned, because Lash had promised her that his body would be taken care of after he died. Oh ya, I forgot to mention, his fiance says that Lash was a government agent working for multiple unnamed agencies. Neighbors say his health was deteriorating for at least a year and thought he had cancer. In reality, Nebron says that Lash was deteriorating from nerve damaging chemicals he was exposed to on one of his missions.

Hell of a strange world we live in, no?

*Article by Joshua Krause


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