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NEW! Dead Air Armament Ghost-M Suppressor

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Article first appeared at NRAmedia.org

NRAmedia – Two suppressors in one? Dead Air Armament has introduced the the .45 Ghost, a modular multi-caliber pistol/subgun suppressor that is rated up to .300 BLK sub-sonic. Break it down to the short configuration and it becomes the smallest and quietest .45 suppressor in its class. When you shorten the Ghost, baffles stay intact with the need for reassembling, saving time while keeping things organized. How did they do it? American Rifleman‘s Mark Keefe had a chance to test the Ghost-M during the 2016 SHOT Show. Watch the video above to learn—and hear—more about the Ghost. For more on Dead Air Armament, please visitdeadairsilencers.com.

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