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New for 2022: Delta McKenzie Big 8 Archery Target

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Delta McKenzie’s all-new Big 8 is touted as the perfect target for serious archery. The target is a hexagon shape, creating eight shooting faces, which allows users to increase the life of the target and enjoy different sighting patterns and focus dots, and sight-in grid.

The target’s unique geometry offers a larger shooting area over square targets, allowing shooters to try longer shots with the confidence of a larger surface to place the arrow. The self-healing foam makes it nearly impossible to see where an arrow has entered or been extracted, increasing durability and life.

Delta McKenzie Big 8 Archery Target

The Big 8 target will stand up to the fastest vertical bow and crossbow, used with a field point or broadhead. Available in a portable 16-inch size, or the long-distance 20-inch model. Made in the USA, no stands required, integrated carry handles, and the 20-inch model adds a replaceable core for extended life. MSRP: $169.99 – $219.99; dmtargets.com.

Article by BRAD FENSON

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