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New For 2022: Kimber Micro 9 Black OI

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Kimber’s line of Micro 9 compact handguns have given 1911 enthusiasts an easy-to-carry, 1911-style option for personal defense, and now, those same shooters can take advantage of today’s revolution of optic-equipped handguns with the addition of the Micro 9 Black Optic Included (OI) model for 2022.

Kimber’s Micro 9 Black OI is just one of several new models introduced to the Micro 9 lineup in 2022, but what makes this option stand out is the addition of the Swampfox Sentinel red-dot sight, which provides a bright 3-m.o.a. aiming point for quick target acquisition. This addition is particularly helpful on a gun like the Micro 9, which features a shortened sight radius, making it difficult to make precise shots at distance with open sights.

The Micro 9 Black OI features an attractive, blacked-out look that suits the gun’s defensive, carry-ready nature. Each pistol is also equipped with textured rubber grip panels, ensuring that shooters have a solid grasp on the gun to manage recoil and get back on target for fast follow-up shots. Another highlight of the Micro 9 OR is the integrated sight groove machined into the Sentinel’s aluminum housing, which aligns with the front sight post to create a back-up sighting option.

Each Micro 9 Black OI measures 5.29″ high, 6.1″ long and 1.08″ wide and, unloaded, the gun weighs 18.4 ozs. Suggested retail pricing for this new optic-included option is $905. For more information, visit kimberamerica.com.



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