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New For 2023: Bond Arms Stinger 22LR

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Following the success of the company’s lightweight Stinger derringers in several centerfire chamberings, Bond Arms has developed what is certainly the most easily shootable derringer in the bunch with its .22 Long Rifle Stinger.

Built on an anodized-aluminum frame, the single-action Stinger 22LR, unloaded, weighs only 14 ozs. and measures 0.88″ wide. Mated to the frame is a stainless-steel double barrel, complete with a spent-shell extractor. The gun is built with a rebounding hammer, crossbolt safety, retracting firing pins and an integrated trigger guard. Overall length measures in at just 5″.

Accessory barrels are not available at this time. The suggested retail price is $379. For more information, visit bondarms.com.



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