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New for 2024: Bergara MgMicro Lite

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Bergara rifles has introduced the MgMicro Lite rifle, designed to allow hunters to travel deeper into the backcountry. Weighing in at a mere 5.8 pounds and sporting an 18-inch Cure carbon barrel, this rifle is designed to perfectly balance portability and performance.

Mg MicroLite

That Cure barrel boasts a center-wrap high modulus carbon weave to further promote accuracy, with a #6 profile. Its muzzle is threaded to 5/8×24 TPI, for the easy addition of a suppressor. The barrel is seated into an ultralight magnesium micro chassis, termed the XLR Atom. This standalone chassis weights only 14 ounces for short actions, and comes with a built-in bubble level and machined RRS 1.5-inch dovetail (Arca-Swiss attachment point) in the fore-end, for attachment to a tri- or bipod.

Bergara Mg Microlite

A carbon-fiber grip and folding buttstock are attached for peak customization and modularity. The buttstock has an adjustable cheek rest, with a limb-saver recoil pad and M-Lok slots. The grip, meanwhile, promotes natural finger position on the TriggerTech trigger, which utilizes Frictionless Release Technology to eliminate creep and heavy pulls.

Premier MgMicro Lite

Finally, the heart of the gun is Bergara’s Premier action, which uses a two-lug system and a separate floating bolt head, to ensure contact with the lug abutments in the action. It features a cone-shaped bolt nose for smooth feeding of the cartridge, and a spring-loaded sliding plate extractor located in the front of the lower locking lug. The one-piece bolt body is stainless steel with a pad at the rear to accept the threaded-in bolt handle. The bolt head, the non-rotating gas shield, and the bolt shroud are fully Nitrided for extreme durability, as well as its self-lubricating properties. It is fed by an AICS-pattern detachable magazine, holding either five rounds of 6.5 Creedmoor or .308 Winchester, or three rounds of 6.5 PRC.

To learn more about the MgMicro Lite, visit bergarausa.com. MSRP: $3099-$3149


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