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New For 2024: Mossberg Patriot 400 Legend

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Over the past decade, American firearm manufacturers have introduced budget bolt-action rifles to compete in the hunting rifle market. Due to their quality, accuracy and adaptability, these “budget” offerings spawned their own extensive product line. Case-in-point is the Mossberg Patriot. Since its introduction in 2015, the Patriot family has grown to include everything from specialized long-range hunting to tactical versions. New for 2024, Mossberg is offering the Patriot chambered in 400 Legend.

Right side of the synthetic-stocked Mossberg Patriot 400 Legend rifle.Mossberg has added the 400 Legend chambering to its Patriot bolt-action line. The rifle is available with either a synthetic (pictured) or walnut stock.

Over the past few years, states around the country where hunters were previously only allowed to use muzzleloaders or archery tackle have opened up their seasons to “straight-wall cartridges” of specific ballistics. Designed to function in AR-15-type hunting rifles, bolt-action designs were also adapted to these new cartridges. The most recent of these cartridges, the 400 Legend, was introduced by Winchester in 2023, as our original article stated, “to deliver optimized ballistic and terminal performance for use out to 300 yards on America’s big-game and nuisance species, such as feral pig.” In its initial loading, the cartridge launches its 215-grain bullet at 2,250 f.p.s.

The Patriot 400 Legend has a 20” barrel with a recessed match crown and its muzzle threaded 11/16×24 TPI. Metal components have a matte-blue finish, and the rifle feeds from a detachable box magazine that holds four rounds. It is offered with two stock configurations. The black synthetic stock model has an MSRP of $484, and the checkered walnut stock version has an MSRP of $669. For more information, visit mossberg.com.




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