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New: Magpul Enhanced Selector Kit For AR-Pattern Firearms

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Magpul’s new drop-in ESK (Enhanced Selector Kit) – AR is described as a “modular, ambidextrous selector kit designed for AR pattern firearms that provides user-configurable selectors with modern ergonomics at an accessible price.”

Magpul Enhanced Selector Kit - AR

Magpul Enhanced Selector for ARs, pictured here in black.


The ESK-AR includes three levers (full, short and hybrid), plus a selector pin and a reversible selector axle with 60- and 90-degree options. As for the selector pin, it comes in either black or red, and secures the lever to the axle while simultaneously acting as a selector position indicator. The aforementioned user-configurable levers allow for ambidextrous use.

Magpul ESK-AR

Several inserts are included with this modular selector kit from Magpul, including 60- and 90-degree levers.


Installation of the levers can be performed without using any tools. When it’s time to remove a lever, only a punch is required. With smart design and ergonomic angles in the right spots, this kit allows multiple selector variations and easier firing hand selector manipulation to allow a modern manual of arms to be employed.

The ESK-AR is constructed of high-strength polymer and corrosion-resistant steel components. It’s compatible with milspec AR-pattern lower receivers, and not compatible with select-fire receivers.

MSRP for the Magpul ESK-AR kit is $49.95. Go to magpul.com.

Article by SSUSA STAFF


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