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First Look: Tagua LOCK Line Holsters

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Tagua Gunleather has been growing a distinguished reputation in the fine-leather holster world since it was founded in 2005. Tagua Gunleather was founded as a collective of leather workers to satisfy the consumer’s need for something in between the local craftsman and soulless factory. Old-world craftsmanship performed by true lovers of leather is what sets Tagua apart from others.

For 2023,Tagua is proud to introduce its new LOCK Line Advanced holsters. These holsters bring the look, feel and comfort of quality leather and add the confidence-inspiring, “click” retention of a polymer holster. Leather holsters have long enjoyed the premier spot in the gun world, because of their beauty, durability and gentle treatment of your firearm. With the LOCK line, defensive pistol owners may enjoy having the look, feel and comfort of leather and with the positive retention security of a locking, polymer-based holster.

There are several models to choose from: There is an open top paddle holster with one version that is optics-ready, a quick-draw holster that is also optics-ready, a holster with a locking trigger guard and an optics-ready ambidextrous holster. All of these holsters accommodate a wide range of firearms and are made from premium leather.

Tagua Gunleather meticulously builds both classic carry and modern concealment holsters using leather, eco leather, and advanced modern polymers. Tagua Gunleather is most-known as a bastion of handcrafted leather artisanry in an era dominated by machine-made mass production. Leather is selected from range-grown, toughened cattle to create stronger holsters, each with unique character. Instead of computer programming, Tagua Gunleather uses skilled artisans to craft your holster with a sense for leather no machine can replicate. Pride in craftsmanship] in every holster. For more information on these holsters or other products from Tagua Gunleather, please taguagunleather.com.



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