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New York: Majority Democrats in Senate Continue Passing Gun Control

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The Democrat-led New York Senate moves quickly when it wants to do so.  For months, they have swept allegations against their Governor under the rug.   Sexual harassment charges and thousands of nursing home deaths aren’t enough to get them moving quickly, but pandering to their radical Left base is always reason for haste.

As we enter the final days of session, bills typically move very quickly, with virtually no notice or opportunity for public input.  This year’s proceedings are occurring behind closed doors.  As restaurants and ballparks reopen, anti-gun politicians gather in a Capitol shuddered to the public and on Zoom screens, to trample even more of your rights.

Yesterday, the Senate passed a string of gun control bills which included:

S.13 and S.14, which are “ghost gun” bills that do nothing except misdirect attention toward hobbyists by employing scary terminology.  Ghost gun is an invented term designed for the sole purpose of pushing gun control.  These bills had already passed the Senate, but they were recalled from the Assembly and amended.  After all, how can you expect people who know nothing about guns to get it right the first time?

S.1235 creates a 10-day waiting period for the purchase of any firearm.  Waiting periods are an old, ineffective gun control scheme that, for the most part, have all but disappeared in the country.  New York Senate Democrats apparently enjoy revisiting failed ideas, and they passed this bill on Wednesday.  Fortunately, there is not an Assembly companion bill.

S. 1048A is an ill-conceived piece of legislation that contends illegal use of firearms is a public nuisance and attempts to hold manufacturers responsible.  Rather than hold criminals accountable, anti-gun Democrat legislators are looking to scapegoat an entire industry and deflect from years of failed New York gun laws that they have authored.

Unbelievably, there is still more they are trying to do!  S.4116, microstamping, is on the third reading calendar in the Senate, and could come up for a final vote at any minute.  Microstamping does not work, and it is easily circumvented by criminals.  What the bill does do is create a complete ban on new, traditional, semi-auto handguns.  Your immediate help is needed!  Please call your Senator and tell them to stop passing gun control and vote against, S.4116.

Article by NRA-ILA

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