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NH: Gov. Sununu Stands Strong and Vetoes Gun Control!

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We have sent several alerts on HB 1660 — the “elder care” no-Due Process gun confiscation bill.  Through the entire legislative process, GOA has urged the defeat of this ill-advised bill. Well, on July 28, 2020, Governor Sununu stood strong and protected Second, Fourth and Fifth amendment rights by vetoing HB 1660.

HB 1660 was a hyper-partisan bill that passed without a single Republican vote — the civil liberties violations were so egregious that a few Democrats even voted NO.  

By vetoing HB 1660, Governor Sununu kept his perfect Second Amendment record intact.  To be sure, he has vetoed every single word of gun control that the radical left legislature has sent him. Then, when COVID-19 hit, he designated the firearms industry as “essential.”  He has been a solid friend of the Second Amendment.

Now, regarding other legislation that still looms: HB 687, the partisan red flag gun confiscation bill, is still in play.  We expect Speaker Shurtleff to send it to the Governor at a time that is politically advantageous to the radical left Democrats in Concord.

So please take action (above) to thank Governor Sununu for standing up for the Second Amendment and to remind him to veto HB 687 when it lands on his desk.

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