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Preview: BulletSafe VP3

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Far less cumbersome than traditional plate carriers laden with ceramic plates, the Vital Protection 3 (VP3) is a soft-armor bulletproof vest from BulletSafe that can be painlessly donned and doffed in only seconds—yet has been certified by the National Institute of Justice as capable of stopping handgun bullets up to .44 Mag.

The Level IIIA-rated VP3 weighs only about 5 lbs., is flexible enough so as to not limit the range of motion of the user and features eight points of adjustment for a snug fit. And, for those seeking additional protection and even more peace of mind, large pockets in both the front and rear of the vest can accommodate traditional 10x12 ballistic plates.

Suggested retail price for the BulletSafe VP3 is $299. For more information, please visit bulletsafe.com.


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