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Preview: CMMG FourSix

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A true industry first is the CMMG FourSix, an AR-style PDW platform chambered for the 4.6×30 mm HK cartridge, the first such offering on the U.S. commercial market.

Based on CMMG’s Mk4 AR platform, the FourSix uses the same AR-style controls and modularity popular with today’s shooters. This also enables AR owners to mount FourSix upper receivers onto their mil-standard AR-15 lowers, thanks to the compatible design of CMMG’s 40-round FourSix magazine.

At launch, two models are available in the FourSix lineup, both 300 Series Banshee models equipped with 8″ barrels. One is configured as an AR-style pistol, while the other is an NFA-regulated short-barreled rifle. MSRP for CMMG’s FourSix will run about $1,400. For more information, please visit cmmg.com.



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