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Editor’s Choice: Colt Python 3″

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For 2022, Colt is pleased to offer its re-introduced Python in stainless steel with a 3″ barrel. The Hartford, Conn., company revived interest in the classic “snake” gun in 2020 by bringing it back in 6″- and 8″-barreled versions. Now it is available in 3″ and 4.25″ versions as well.

The six-shot, .357 Mag.-chambered double-action revolver includes a beefed-up frame, a recessed target crown and walnut stocks with Colt escutcheons. Its ribbed, fully lugged barrel brings to mind the classic Python of yesteryear, and internal improvements make it an excellent shooter.

The only thing that might make it better is a 2½” barrel—but I’m willing to wait. For more information, please visit colt.com.

Article by MARK A. KEEFE, IV

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