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Preview: Ergo Delta Grip For Ruger LCR & LCRx Revolvers

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The triangular shape of Ergo’s Delta Grip is designed to promote more natural point shooting through better hand-wrist alignment with Ruger LCR and LCRx revolvers.

The one-piece grip is comprised of a rubber surface with two zones of texturing and finger grooves molded over a rigid polymer core. Clearances on each side allow for speedloader use, serve as a thumb shelf and enhance access to the trigger.

The grip is nearly 1/2 shorter than the factory unit and installs easily with an included screw and 3/32 Allen key. Ergo also makes a version compatible with S&W J-frame models.

MSRP for the Ergo Delta Grip is $23. For more information, visit ergogrips.net.


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