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Preview: Midwest Industries Upper Receiver Rod

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The Upper Receiver Rod (URR) from Midwest Industries is an American-made, inside-the-receiver vice block that is designed to service AR-15-type carbines, handguns and rifles.

Midwest machines its URR from 4140 steel and the unit is designed to interface with an upper’s charging handle groove and any standard AR-15 or M4 barrel extension attached to the upper. This allows it to be compatible even with billet receivers with non-standard dimensions that may preclude the use of a traditional clamshell-style block.

Four flats at the rear of the tool allow the URR to be positioned in 90-degree increments, either horizontally or vertically, depending on the task at hand—whether loosening a stubborn barrel nut, installing a dustcover or replacing a muzzle device. Midwest Industries’ suggested retail price for the URR is $105. For more information, please visit midwestindustriesinc.com.


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