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Preview: Viridian HS1 Laser Hand Stop

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The first product of its type on the market, Viridian’s HS1 Laser Hand Stop integrates a brilliant green laser sighting aid into an M-Lok-compatible hand stop, allowing for lightning-quick target acquisition while adding only a single ounce to the weight of the firearm.

Attaching to a handguard via any two consecutive slots of M-Lok, the HS1’s laser turns on when pressure is applied to its front-facing activation button—an action that shooters will find to be very natural and nearly automatic when they establish a firing grip on the hand stop thanks to the ergonomic design of the accessory.

The HS1 Laser Hand Stop’s beam is adjustable for both windage and elevation using an included wrench, permitting it to be zeroed to the firearm’s point of aim. The suggested retail price is $180. For more information, visit viridianweapontech.com.

Article by American Rifleman Staff

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