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Pro Shop: Upgrade Your 12 Gauge

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1. Measuring 13.75 inches and boasting all-steel construction with a black-oxide finish, the TacStar Universal Barrel Shroud is designed to fit most 12-gauge pump shotguns. It has a circular, friction-fit bracket at the rear and a locking clamp at the front for a recoil-resistant fit on the barrel. In addition to improving aesthetics, this product helps protect your hand from the barrel when the gun would otherwise be too hot to handle. MSRP: $51.98lymanproducts.com

2. The Wilson Combat 6 Round Side Saddle for Remington 870 features modular shell holders that orient six extra rounds on the left side of your shotgun in a convenient and accessible location for fast reloading. Whereas other models include an aluminum mounting plate that installs directly onto the shotgun receiver, Wilson’s sidesaddle attaches directly to the side of the receiver. All hardware is included. It’s also compatible with Remington Model 1100/11-87 shotguns, and no gunsmithing is required. MSRP: $31.95; wilsoncombat.com

3. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and weighing slighting more than 1.5 ounces, Vang Comp Systems’ VCS Rear Sight With RMR Mount for Mossberg Factory Holes allows you to attach a click-adjustable, wing-protected, ghost-ring sight with an integral, co-witness-capable, RMR-pattern red-dot mount to the original shotgun receiver (provided it is drilled-and-tapped). It is compatible with any optic designed to mount to a Trijicon RMR footprint. Installation by a professional gunsmith is recommended. MSRP: $220; vangcomp.com

4.  Designed to be easily compatible with any mil-spec, collapsible, AR-style buttstock, the Mesa Tactical Kynshot Hydraulic Buffer features a hydraulic cylinder and a return spring inside the tube that compresses up to .75 inch under recoil—significantly taming a shotgun’s kick. Threads along the buffer’s exterior interface with any Mesa Tactical AR-15 Stock Adapter (sold separately). A setscrew on the face of the tube controls the amount of damping across three settings, which allows the shotgunner to stay on target by reducing muzzle rise and increasing target-reacquisition speed. No gunsmithing is required for installation. MSRP: $186; mesatactical.com

5. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and Type-III hard anodized, the GG&G Two-Shot Magazine Extension for Beretta 1301 makes your shotgun more capacious by putting two more rounds on tap. The solid-steel ratchet base on the company’s magazine-tube-extension nut securely retains the barrel, while the included barrel clamp prevents the extension from loosening under the force of recoil. Best of all, since it measures only slightly more than 5 inches when installed, it will not protrude beyond the muzzle of your barrel. MSRP: $126.90; gggaz.com



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