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Review: NEXTorch Saint 31 Flashlight

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I have been a big believer in the everyday carry flashlight since my days working as an assistant in a commercial photography studio, where I carried a small, aluminum-bodied AA light that had a whopping six (Count ‘em! Six!) lumen output. This seems rather pathetic these days, but those six lumens came in mighty handy when the available light dropped to zero.

Light and batteryThings have changed quite a lot since then. The introduction of high-output, low-heat LED light sources and high-capacity rechargeable batteries means the flashlights of today are far more capable than what was to be had thirty years ago. This is also true of larger flashlights. I carried an aluminum-bodied six “D” cell light in my car for emergencies, and today, flashlights like the NEXTorch Saint Torch 31 may be about the same size as the flashlights of old, but their output is orders of magnitude brighter.

flashlight comparisonAt just over 11 inches long and four inches in diameter at the head, the Saint Torch 31 is too big to be considered an everyday carry light, but it’s ideal for use in a vehicle or home. The light ships in two parts: The battery, which is rechargeable via USB-C, and the LED light source. The two parts attach together for use, and you’re good to go. NEXTorch rates the Saint Torch 31 at 20,000 lumens at maximum power, which is a simply staggering amount of light. For comparison, the single CR123A light I carry with me every day has 650 lumens and a boatload of candela. This light, however, made it look like I was carrying a birthday candle around with me. The light source of the Saint Torch 31 features a photodetector to automatically regulate the output when the temperature rises or if it detects an object within six feet. There is also a temperature sensor which will reduce power if the flashlight gets too hot. The battery pack consists of six 4800 mAh Li-ion cells, providing up to 81 hours of run time on low (90 lumen) power, or over two hours of use at 20,000 lumens. The battery pack can also be detached and used as power source for USB-compatible gadgets.

With an IPX7 rating, the Saint Torch 31 is built to last in the great outdoors, and with its overwhelming output, it will light up the night in ways that your everyday carry light will not, making it an excellent addition to your vehicle or any place where more light is more better. MSRP for the Saint Torch is 31 is $578.99, and more information on this light or other products from NEXTorch is available at nextorch.com.



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