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Robber Shot Multiple Times After Pulling Shotgun on Barber

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A barber in South Omaha, Nebraska is grateful he was carrying his gun after a man with a shotgun attempted to rob him.

Jesse Galvan and his brother were cutting hair on Saturday afternoon with a line of people waiting to have their hair cut.  That’s when a man entered Fadekings Barbershop around 9:45am, according to KETV.

The armed robber came in while Galvan and his brother were taking care of patrons, tossed a backpack on the floor and demanded that they all empty their pockets.

“It was so fast, so, so fast,” Said Galvan’s brother, David.  “When he cocked the thing in my face to me and my customer, that’s when I know he wasn’t playing, I kind of looked at my brother and I threw my wallet on the floor, and then my brother knew what to do next.”

Unlike a lot of people who don’t think through such scenarios, the Galvans had a plan for just such incidents.

“Me and my brother already had a game plan for robberies, because they’ve been robbing all this street right here,” David said.

“So I told him, put the gun down, gun down, and I was pointing my gun at him, and he just shot at me,” Jesse said, claiming the bullets fired at him missed him by almost an arms length and slammed into the mirror over his head.

“If he had regular ammunition, like pellets, it would’ve hit my customer, it would’ve hit me,” Jesse said.

He then fired back multiple times with the gun he keeps strapped to his body while working, hitting Lucas M. Ortiz, 23.  Ortiz then crawled out the back door and was later found by police on the sidewalk outside suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.  He was taken to Nebraska Medicine, but not updates were given on his condition.

Jesse’s wife and 3-year-old baby were upstairs when the attempted robbery took place.

“We’re happy to be here, you know, we’re here to do our job, that’s all,” Jesse said.

Police were holding back charges on Ortiz until an investigation is complete.

This is very similar to an attempted robbery that took place in South Carolina.  On January 20, Elmurray “Billy” Bookman was cutting hair at Next Up Barber & Beauty when the two men walked in and began to rob customers and employees of their money.  That’s when Bookman and one of his customers drew their weapons and fired several shots at the robbers, killing one as the other fled on foot.

In both instances, criminals armed with shotguns entered barber shops with multiple patrons, increasing their chances they were going to end up dead.  You simply cannot fix stupid, so you must be willing to be armed to deal with it.  Well done, gentlemen!

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