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Rossi Matched Pair: The Top-Selling Single-Shot of 2020

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There’s rugged simplicity in a single-shot rifle, as well as the kind of reliability that makes them a solid choice that will last for years. Rossi harnessed those virtues in its Matched Pair, but added versatility by shipping the gun with two barrels—one chambered for .22 LR and the other for .410-Bore shotshells.

The current version available from the manufacturer ships with a synthetic thumbhole stock—in your choice of black, tan, green or gray—and a pair of barrels that can be changed out by simply loosening the sling swivel. The break action’s rimfire barrel measures 18.5″ and the shotshell version comes in at 22″. The former has a fiber-optic sight up front, the latter wears a bead.

The hammer must be cocked before every shot and its single cartridge/shotshell capacity is a comforting asset when mentoring a new shooter. The gun also features a cross-bolt safety. A generous recoil pad tames energy before it reaches the shooter, too.

Spare shotshells can stow on the right side of the stock, and extra rimfires on the left. With the .22-cal. barrel attached, overall length is 32.5″ and it weighs 54 ozs. The longer shotgun barrel increases measurements to 36″ and 61 ozs. MSRP, regardless of color choice, is $219.95. You can expect the price to average less at most retailers.

The design has changed through the years, and even chamberings offered, so don’t be surprised if you run across something very different on your favorite FFL’s used gun rack. The Rossi Catalog in 2010, for example, featured a youth model of its Matched Pair with all metal in stainless. The same year, it offered another version with barrels for .223 Rem. and 12 gauge. The stock’s cheekpiece was even removable and the centerfire barrel shipped from the factory with a scope-mount base.

Last year Rossi’s Matched Pair took top honors in the single-shot rifle category for FFLs using the services of GunBroker.com.

Article by Guy J. Sagi

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