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ScotteVest Annie Jacket

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Article first appeared at Shooting Illustrated.

You can never have too many pockets—or at least that’s what my mother used to tell me. Now, with the ScotteVest Annie Jacket you have all the pockets you could ever need, especially to conceal your firearm.

The Annie Jacket features 35 pockets for a range of different items. You name it, and there is a designated pocket for it. From a tablet or a water bottle to a pen or some loose change, it’s all available inside the Annie Jacket, so there is no need for a purse.

Inside one of the pockets is an eyeglass cleaning cloth that also illustrates where each hidden pocket is located and what you can put in them. Additionally, if you need more instructions about all the features, ScotteVest has posted a short YouTube video which gives you an overview of the Annie. Simply stash the pockets full with everything you might need and head out on your next adventure.

Perfect for the outdoorsy woman or just as a casual jacket to wear with a pair of jeans and still look stylish, it won’t draw attention if you are carrying concealed. The material isn’t loud when moving around, is water resistant and the color of the jacket allows you to remain under the radar. Additionally, the pockets inside and outside the jacket—along with zippers on the sides to provide easy access to a belt-mounted holster or a pocket gun—give you a variety of options for practical concealed carry.

In addition, along with the many pockets for your handgun, there is a special pocket for your cellphone and ear buds. Hook up your ear buds, slide them through the “personal area network,” place your phone in its designated pocket and you are ready to roll. Plus, if you want to change the song or need to read a text message, simply use your phone through the pocket’s plastic screen. It really works!

With all these features and pockets you might be feeling a little overwhelmed—I know I was. I mean, did ScotteVest really think of everything? The company even made sure there was a weight-management system to balance all the stuff you might be carrying. However, I don’t think I’d want all the pockets packed full, because it made me feel a bit like a stuffed marshmallow when every nook and cranny was wholly utilized. All the same, you do have the option of carrying as much as you want without a majority of it printing through the pockets; it just might look a little bulgy, especially if you tote a water bottle. Also, I found it difficult to remember where I placed what, though I expect constant usage would alleviate that problem. Besides, can you ever find what you’re looking for in your purse without a scavenger hunt?

I definitely recommend the ScotteVest Annie Jacket for any woman who carries concealed. It is machine washable, comes in sizes Small through XXLarge and has a $200 MSRP. So, Annie get your gun!


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