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Smith & Wesson CSX

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The CSX from Smith & Wesson is a robust little pistol that, unlike like many of the striker-fired offerings that have come from the legendary pistol maker, provides users with a customizable micro-compact alloy frame and hammer-fired ignition. Watch the video above to see the CSX in use.

Man with handgun pistol wearing ballcap earmuffs glasses at white shooting range shooting pistol handgun smith&wesson csx hammer-fired semi-automatic nra gun of the week

Weighing in at just 19.5 ozs. unloaded, and measuring 4.6”-tall by 6.1”-long, the CSX is tailored for deep concealment, however, the CSX isn’t the thinnest micro-compact on the market, measuring just over 1″ wide due to the ambidextrous safety and slide stop levers. A reversible magazine release button is included, too, so the CSX will perform admirably, regardless of hand dominance. Smith & Wesson incorporates a few creature comforts throughout the construction of its CSX. M&P-style stippling is found on the interchangeable backstraps and front strap, and EZ-tabs are at the rear of the stainless steel slide to provide added surface area for easier purchase and manipulation. A specialized treatment is applied for a durable and corrosion-resistant finish that gives the stainless slide a matte-black appearance. Further reducing glare, Smith & Wesson incorporates a series of straight-line serrations that run the full length of the slide’s top.

Smith & Wesson INC CSX handgun pistol grip module replacement part addon accessories

The sights on the CSX are dovetailed and can be used for tactical racking, should your support hand be injured or otherwise occupied, and are made of metal making for a three-dot configuration. Combined with the 3.1” stainless steel barrel, the gun is plenty capable of producing great accuracy during defensive drills. Throughout the CSX are burnished edges that makes for smooth holstering. In addition, the muzzle end of the slide is beveled and heavily melted, too. Our testers enjoyed the generous beavertail and trigger guard undercut, considering the shortened frame height and 9 mm chambering. The beveled ejection port is an added bonus, and the gun’s 12-round extended magazine in conjunction with the flush-fitting 10 rounder, is a powerful package for those looking for a more traditionally constructed pistol with a single-action arrangement that’s made to perform in the modern micro-compact market.

left quater view front csx smith and wesson handgun pistol 9 mm

Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson, Inc.
Model: CSX
Action Type: single-action, semi-automatic, hammer-fired centerfire pistol
Chambering: 9 mm Luger
Slide: stainless steel, Armornite finish
Frame: aluminum alloy
Barrel: 3.1″ stainless steel, Armornite finish
Sights: dovetailed, three-dot
Magazine: 10- and 12-round detachable box
Height: 4.6″
Length: 6.1″
Width: 1.12″
Weight: 19.5 ozs.
MSRP: $609


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