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So, You Were Looking To Suppress Your Desert Eagle .50? Look No Further (Video)

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Many people thought that the Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 was going to be a gun that wouldn’t allow for a suppressor.  Boy, were they wrong.  Get a load of this thing!

GY6 Vids demonstrated the threaded barrel for the Desert Eagle and the Bowers suppressor.  It’s definitely not very practical for carry, but looks like a ton of fun to take to the range.

It’s definitely not as cool looking as the BoonDock Saints version, but it’s significantly quieter.

From the video description:

Yes, this is happening…Blown away that it finally was made possible. Suppressed 50AE Desert Eagle… Probably one of the most impractical things ever…but WHO CARES!!! yeah I can’t stop smiling after getting behind this beast of a setup.


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