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Sports Illustrated Model Hannah Ferguson: “It’s Good to have Gun Knowledge”

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Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson recently spoke about her parents teaching her how to use a gun and how beneficial it was to her.

Ferguson’s parents were US Marines and she grew up in Texas. Her father was a sniper and her mother was a Marine drill instructor. Her brother would later join the Marines.

“Growing up, at a pretty early age we learned to shoot,” she told FOX411. “They started us with pellet guns.”

She told Sport Illustrated about her parents and upbringing:

“We grew up with sheep and goats and chickens and geese and ducks and cats and dogs. My four siblings and I had our schedules written out. We were each assigned a day when we had to go out and feed the animals. We also had to pull weeds and pick up trash and stuff. We weren’t allowed to paint our nails or get our ears pierced until we were 15. And certainly not to date.”

While it seems she had a good wholesome upbringing, it doesn’t seem to translate well into her modeling, which I know I would not be happy about my daughters modeling in the fashion she does. It seems the guns stuck while modesty took a hike.

“I have a different outlook than most people,” said the 23-year-old model, who has appeared for the past three years in Sports Illustrated. “I actually want to get involved with charities related to the military because I just have a special thing in my heart for all the soldiers and their families.”

In addressing issues in which people have given guns a bad name, Ferguson said, “I feel like it’s good to have gun knowledge. I feel like a lot of people are scared of guns. They think they’re bad and they really don’t know anything about it.”

Ferguson went on to address the issue of confiscation saying, “I don’t think they should be taken away from people because any bad person who wants to find a gun is going to find a way to get it and then what? We don’t have a way to protect ourselves? I feel like people should get more knowledge and understanding.”

Ferguson indicated that she is all for background checks, but does not believe that the Second Amendment should be abolished or infringed upon.


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