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Store Owner Takes Down One with AR-15 in Armed Robbery Attempt – Others Flee

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A Wisconsin clothing store owner opened fire on a group of attempted robbers last week and successfully defended both his business and his life.

Rami Murrar, owner of Milwaukee-based Bouchards Clothing Store, posted video of the encounter to the company’s Instagram account Thursday with a stark warning to any other potential burglars.

“Just to set the record straight, we go to work to make our living and to feed our families, not to have shootouts,” Murrar wrote. “Don’t come to our establishment with guns or try breaking in our stores and expect less than us defending ourselves, and if this is what it’s gonna take then let it be, we will protect our business and employees at any cost.”

According to Murrar, who was armed with an AR-15 rifle, one suspect was shot after the would-be robbers attempted to crash a stolen van through Bouchards’ front door.

Detailing the “dumb criminals” mistakes in the video description, Murrar confirmed that at least one of the men were arrested following the incident.

This video also shows the perfect example of dumb criminals. these are the steps:

1- Steal a van.
2- Crash the stolen van into a store and make all of that loud noise when it’s quiet at night.
3- Don’t expect anyone to be monitoring or securing they’re small business.
6- Leave with nothing.

At the end of the day it’s just some clothes it’s not worth anyone’s life.

An alleged friend of Murrar commenting on Facebook stated that the business had previously been hit by criminals multiple times, prompting Murrar to finally take steps to defend his livelihood.

“He’s been robbed a few times and his business has been broken into many times before,” said Mike Alsuwailih. “His own brother was shot and almost killed during a robbery of their store not too long ago.”

“He’s had enough. Time to start blasting back at those scumbags!”

Murrar says if it weren’t for his firearm, he may very well may have lost his life once the suspects made their way inside.
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