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Swagger Introduces SEA12 and SFR10 QD Bipods

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Swagger has introduces a pair of bipods new for 2021. Both models offer easy mounting via a Picatinny rail, and the signature Swagger flex, which allows for quick and precise alterations of rifle angle.

SEA12 Bipod on rifle in sunlight with shooter

The Swagger SEA12 (Extreme Angle) Bipod is adjustable from nine to 12 inches, and offers a flex joint that’s over-molded to add stability. Designed for hunting situations in which extreme angles can come into play, the SEA12 has an extremely wide range of cant and traverse. In addition, if a shooter needs to go even lower than the most effective range of 6 to 10.5 inches, the legs can be adjusted to pivot forward up to 45 degrees.

SFR10 QD on a modern sporting rifle

Swagger’s SFR10 QD (Flex to Rigid, Quick Detach) Bipod is an innovative model which can easily transition from a traditional rigid bipod setup, to one with the well-known Swagger flex—shooters can even fine-tune the amount of flex to suit their situational needs. Like the SEA12, the legs can be adjusted to pivot forward up to 45 degrees to help a shooter go even lower when necessary.

For more information on either off these shooting aids, check out swaggerbipods.comSEA12 MSRP: $199.99; SFR10 QD MSRP: $249.99

Article by American Hunter Staff

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