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The Armed Citizen® June 19, 2023

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An unwelcome intruder in an Athens, Ga., home was treated for wounds and booked into an Athens-Clarke County Jail on burglary charges after encountering an armed homeowner early on the morning of April 11, 2023.

Just before 6 a.m. that Tuesday, the 16-year-old son of the homeowner’s girlfriend went into the living room of the house and found a stranger sitting in the room, watching TV. The boy ran to his mother, who alerted her boyfriend, the homeowner, to the intruder’s presence.

“I grabbed my firearm and ran to the door,” the resident told the Athens Banner-Herald.

The homeowner confronted the intruder, who tried to reason with the armed homeowner, telling him that someone had let him into the house and that police were searching for him outside. The homeowner noticed that the suspected burglar had an object in his hand, but he said he couldn’t identify what it was at the time. Then the suspect began running, and the homeowner fired.

The homeowner’s girlfriend called police, who arrived and found the alleged burglar across the street and took him into custody. The unidentified object in the intruder’s hand was found to be a Roku remote. It was later discovered that the homeowner’s father had left for work earlier that morning and left the door unlocked. (Athens Banner-Herald; Athens, Ga.; 4/11/23)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives – July 1974

As Memphis, Tenn., shoemaker E.L. King put new heels on a man’s shoes, the stocking-footed patron drew a gun and demanded money. King promptly pulled a pistol and ordered the gunman to leave. Two accomplices vanished, but the “customer” lingered briefly to ask for the return of his shoes. King opened fire, and the man raced away barefoot. (The Memphis Press-Scrimitar; Memphis, Tenn.)

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