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The Biggest Gun Control Scam of All

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“Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.” Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, pp. 128

The above quote is one of the infamous “power tactics” found in Saul Alinsky’s
Rules for Radicals
. It is arguably one of the most effective as it is used to continually discredit our values with an “in your face” type of attitude. The Obama administration thoroughly enjoys discrediting American culture while trying to give the appearance that everything we stand for is either backwards, racist or downright intolerant of anything we disagree with. In theory, they use this “rule” in every effort to prove that America cannot live up to its promise of “liberty and justice for all” by segregating society and classifying everyone as an oppressed minority. They will continue to push this tactic with any agenda item they have a problem accomplishing. This couldn’t be more evident than when it comes to the issue of gun control. Obama has made it perfectly clear that he plans to use his last eighteen months pushing the issue; and just as the case with other administration goals, he intends to use whatever tactics necessary. One of those tactics seems to be arming illegal immigrants.

The Obama Administration continues to allow undocumented people in the country at an alarming rate. It has become evident that their agenda is to turn red states blue in an attempt to secure Democrat voters for decades to come. What many people don’t realize is that these people are being given all rights and privileges of American citizens even though they are no longer being required to assimilate to our culture. In fact, they are no longer required to take the oath of allegiance as Obama took the liberty of “waiving” this requirement for all people looking to become citizens. If this isn’t alarming and offensive enough there is a rule put in place by Eric Holder in 2012 that allows immigrants to bypass the 90 day state residency requirement when it comes to purchasing firearms. This is rule number 1140-AA44 of the 2015 Unified Agenda which is a plan to force his fundamental transformation down our throats through regulatory agencies. This agenda contains several new regulations designed to strip Americans of their rights to bear arms, (the latest social security scam being a good example) while making it excessively easier for non-American citizens to have access to guns. Here is a list of some of the other rules listed in the 2015 Unified Agenda.

Rule 1140-AA05 will “require a firearms purchaser’s affirmative statement of his or her state of residence”–although with states like California, New York and even Georgia providing drivers licenses to illegal aliens, a person could enter the country illegally and then purchase a gun on the same day.

Another rule, 1140-AA08, opens the door for nearly unrestricted importation of firearms and ammunition by non-immigrants, i.e., aliens that are in the country temporarily.

Generally, the importation of firearms or ammunition by non-immigrant aliens is prohibited by law. Yet the exemptions provided by 1140-AA08 would make sidestepping this prohibition as easy as being “admitted to the United States for lawful hunting or sporting purposes,” or by simply filling out a permit application and affirming that one is not in the country on a non-immigrant visa.

Due to Obama’s relaxation of border security and immigration enforcement, the nearly 12 million people who have crossed our borders without any type of visa have now been granted quasi-legal protections. Therefore, under 1140-AA08, this massive population is free to import arms and ammunition without any oversight after entering the country.

This is a perfect application of the Alinsky rule listed above in many ways. First, this is a stick it in your face attitude displayed by Obama as he knows this move is going to irritate law abiding citizens who support the second amendment. He is using our support of gun rights against us by insisting that this right apply to all people in the country, legal or not. He is also hoping to create more problems related to gun violence that there will be an overwhelming demand to implement his gun control agenda. This was the purpose of the Fast and Furious scandal where guns were deliberately allowed to cross the border and fall into the hands of drug cartel members. This is also evident by the fact that violent gangs from South America like MS-13 are among the many hundreds of thousands entering the country illegally and actively recruiting new members in the United States. To put in bluntly, Obama is deliberately arming criminals and releasing violent prisoners while at the same time calling for more gun control. Fortunately, Americans aren’t that stupid, (well conservative Americans aren’t anyways) because support for the second amendment has never been higher.

It has become all too apparent to anyone paying attention that this administration will not stop until it is stopped. These actions alone are criminal and warrant the arrest of Barack Obama and Eric Holder. In just the same manner they deliberately stoked the flames of racial hatred and encouraged people to burn down cities, they are deliberately arming criminals in an attempt to scare the public into believing they need his “Alinsky style gun control.” Failure on the part of the Republican Party to stop him constitutes treason at the highest levels and history will remember them accordingly.

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*Article by David Risselada

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