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Thunder Ranch Offers Digital Training Options

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Clint Smith and the Thunder Ranch team are offering a new digital training medium for those who can’t make it to Oregon, Texas or other “live” training locations, but who still want to experience Smith’s famous brand of firearm instruction.

However, what makes the Thunder Ranch Digital Training program unique is the method of its training offerings, which don’t rely on cloud storage or popular video platforms. According to the Thunder Ranch team, the political nature of many of today’s platforms mean that their training guides can be shut down without a second thought, depriving gun owners of valuable training content. To avoid this potential pitfall, Thunder Ranch provides USB drives pre-loaded with selected content that consumers choose à la carte. For only a few courses, the training facility offers a less-expensive 16GB drive. For those who want the full Thunder Ranch experience, a 128GB drive provides enough space to hold all the content.

Thunder Ranch offers nearly 35 hours of training videos and audio lectures directly to customers via these branded USB drives. The Master Collection ($195) includes everything: 12 feature videos, previously available on DVD; two audio lectures in MP3 format (Urban Rifle 1 and Defensive Handgun 1); and an additional 14 hours of instructional video, broken up into dozens of segments. The latter content is also available in Clint’s Offline Digital Web Training collection ($79), and a la carte purchases can also be accommodated (from $20).

For more details on Thunder Ranch’s digital-training options, visit thunderranchinc.com.

Article by American Rifleman Staff

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