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Video: Biden Does Not Have the Guts to Hear This

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In America, it is important and popular to say that we believe in the peaceful transfer of power. The truth in this proclamation can’t be overstated. It is also true, that here in America we have a long tradition of listing our grievances—and, if so needed, in declaring our need to vote out a certain politician. That is what this “Declaration of Independence from Joe Biden” is about.

In this video interview, Charles C.W. Cooke, the author of America’s 1st Freedom’s July cover feature “A Declaration of Independence from Joe Biden,” gets into what led him to write this feature and explains why he has highlighted the points he has.

Here are just three of the reasons you’ll find in the July feature detailing why we need to free ourselves from this president.

  • He has called on more than 25 different occasions for the prohibition of the most-commonly owned firearms in the United States and for the banning of standard-issue magazines, despite both being clearly protected by the “in common use” standard laid out in C. v. Heller.
  • He has demanded that Congress give him the power to superintend every private gun-transaction in the United States, and, when it has declined to do so, he has redefined commonly understood words such as “dealer” and stretched the terms of the existing background-check laws much further than their text will allow.
  • He has expressed “disappointment” at the U.S. Supreme Court’s confirmation, in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, that the Constitution does not permit the government to demand a “good cause” before free citizens are able to exercise their basic rights.


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