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Video Captures Moment 4 Intruders Met Armed Homeowner

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An armed homeowner in Bowling Green, Kentucky defended himself and his family as four thugs that kicked in his door and proceeded to walk into his bedroom.  While the men fled, this is an excellent example of why limiting the number of rounds a gun can carry could put you at a disadvantage against criminals.

The video opens with the homeowner’s front door being kicked in and what appears to be armed intruders entering.

The first one through the door seems to have a weapon in his hand as does the second man.

Two other men appear to be coming through the door when the first man turns the corner and into the homeowner’s bedroom.

In an instant, a hail of bullets rains forth from the darkness and the intruders leave far quicker than they entered.  At least seven shots were fired in a matter of seconds.

However, the men can be heard firing back once they had retreated outside.

WLKY reports:

The victim stated he was asleep when his front door was kicked in and four men entered the residence armed with handguns.

Police said shots were exchanged between the homeowner and suspects before they fled on foot.

The homeowner suffered a gunshot wound to his right hand and was transported to a hospital. He was later flown to Jewish Hospital in Louisville.

Investigators said the intruders face attempted murder and burglary charges.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Warren County Sheriff’s Office at 270-842-1633.

“It kind of plays into with what the mindset of those individuals were when they forcibly made entry into somebody’s home, came in there armed, and attempting to locate somebody and exchanging gunfire with them and shooting somebody. It’s invaluable to have that type of video footage,” Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower said.

Now, in certain locations of the country, criminal politicians would make you the criminal if you own a gun that holds more than 7 or 9 rounds.  They think that is unsafe.

However, in this one instance alone, can you imagine if the intruders had stood their ground and desired to kill the homeowner what kind of shape the homeowner would be in against four armed attackers and the limits that would be imposed by criminal legislators like those in New York?

It would put him at a serious disadvantage.

I’m glad the homeowner and his family are safe and that he was quick enough to deal with the intruders in the manner he did, but it should serve as a lesson as to why all legislation aimed at regulating or restricting your right to keep and bear arms, even limiting the amount of bullets your handgun can “legally” hold puts you in danger.

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