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Washington State: 2 Men Attempt Theft Of Tools – 6 Customers Draw Their Guns On Them

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Yes, it is absolutely true that where there are more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, there is a lower crime rate.  And in gun-hating Washington State, it’s been proven there too as evidenced in a case of 2 men who sought to shoplift tools from the Coastal Farm & Ranch store in Marysville and found themselves surrounded by six, law-abiding gun owners with their weapons drawn to stop them, according to police.

On December 22, 2 men, ages 22 and 23, entered the Coastal Farm & Ranch store and attempted to walk out with four nail guns worth approximately $400 each.

Though the men made it to their vehicle, one armed customer stood in front of their Honda Civic with his weapon aimed at them.  When he wouldn’t get out of the way, one of the suspects told his accomplice, “He won’t shoot, run him over.”

The driver pulled forward hard enough to cause the armed citizen to land on the hood of the vehicle.

As he did, another armed customer shot at his front tire while another armed customer shot at the rear tire.

Another shot was taken at the vehicle as it left the parking lot.

The Herald reports:

An employee saw the car leaving and drove after the theft suspects. He said he saw one of the men lean out the passenger window and hold up what looked like a gun. The employee stopped chasing the men and went back to the store.

Marysville police found the theft suspects’ car unoccupied about three blocks away, with two flat tires and the tools inside. Both men were apprehended after a search.

They denied having a gun, or seeing the employee follow them. Police found no firearms in the car.

The men also denied hitting anyone with the car.

However, security tape showed a vehicle striking someone, according to the police report.

KOMO News reported on some of the reactions of people nearby:

The shooting terrified Monica Medina. She was taking a customer’s order at the time at Playa Bonita Mexican Restaurant.

“Like pow pow pow!” said Medina “When I hear it, I go outside in the kitchen.”

Brandy Sundin immediately locked her the doors.

“We had two customers and went in the back and locked ourselves in,” said Sundin.

And Davin Tuninga was inside Wagner Jewelers when she heard the commotion.

“It was weird. It was weird. All I heard was ‘bang, bang, bang” like that and I saw a gal running to her car,” said Tuninga.

“Good that they did that. But, what if there had been kids around,” said Tuninga.

Well, Ms. Tuninga, it would have been a good lesson for the kids to see:  Don’t steal because law-abiding citizens are not going to wait around for the cops to get there to deal with you, and on the opposite side, learn to safely and effectively use your firearm in situations just like that one to stop criminals.

Both men were tracked down with K-9s and arrested for first-degree theft.  One would think that with $1600 worth of merchandise, it would be grand theft.

Of course, no one was hurt, but that didn’t stop Marysville Police Cmdr. Mark Thomas from stating whether or not those who fired their weapons did so lawfully.

It’s clear they didn’t shoot to kill, but to disable the vehicle, a vehicle that was being used to not only commit the crime of a getaway from a robbery, but to run down a law-abiding citizen.  This doesn’t take a genius to figure out here.

“Anytime you’re firing a weapon in a public place, especially a few days before Christmas in a crowded parking lot, it is a grave concern,” Thomas said.

Of course, but again, one has to wonder if police in Washington State might engage in the same form of behavior and nothing would be said because well, they’re the police, right?

The police department has requested that those who fired their weapons and confronted the thieves come forward to make statements.  If I were them, I wouldn’t say a thing.  They have enough evidence with security video and the store’s testimony to deal with the real criminals here.

All I have to say is:  Well done, gentlemen!


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