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West Virginia: Gov. Justice Signs Two Pro-Gun Bills

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Today, Governor Jim Justice signed House Bill 2499, to exempt firearms and ammunition from state sales and use taxes, and House Bill 2793, to create the option of a nonresident West Virginia concealed carry permit. These bills take effect in 90 days.

House Bill 2499 recognizes that the government should not be placing additional cost barriers on citizens who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights and practice to be safe and proficient with their firearms. It also helps promote and grow businesses and industry in West Virginia.

House Bill 2793 allows nonresidents to take advantage of West Virginia’s comprehensive agreements to carry handguns for self-defense in other states. They will pay application fees to West Virginia and seek training from West Virginian instructors.

In addition, the Senate voted 34-0 today to concur with House amendments to Senate Bill 458. It prohibits the state, government officials and agencies, or local governments, from restricting the lawful carrying, sale, or use of firearms and ammunition during states of emergency and also prevents them from closing gun stores and shooting ranges, unless that restriction applies equally to all businesses. SB 458 now goes to Governor Jim Justice’s desk for his signature.

Article by NRA-ILA

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