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What If You Found The Best Scope For Your Mini-14?

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What if you found your Best Scope for Mini 14?

How much more powerful would your Mini-14 rifle be?

Why don’t you ask the murderous bank robber that could’ve changed history for the better had he found a Mini-14 rifle scope?

On April 11, 1986, two serial bank robbers, William Matix and Michael Platt, were spotted by the FBI in a black Monte Carlo.

The FBI slowly followed.

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Soon the bank robbers noticed someone was on their tail. The robbers sped up while the FBI called for backup.

Two backup cars joined the pursuit. The FBI tried to initiate a traffic stop. Didn’t work. So, the FBI rammed the bank robbers car into a tree.

That’s when things went south.

But little did the FBI know the weapons the robbers possessed…

Mini-14 Rifles

With their car broken and surrounded, Matix and Platt started opening fire at the FBI.

The FBI couldn’t keep up. The Ruger Mini-14 Rifle was too powerful, wounding 7 FBI agents and killing two. After a long shootout, the robbers finally died.

Let that sink in for a second. The robbers were outnumbered 5 to 1 with highly trained agents and law enforcement along with a wide variety of angles.

Imagine if these guys had found the best scope for Mini-14 and threw it on? The shootout would’ve been rebranded into a massacre.

Not to mention the law enforcement clearly had the upper hand. Yet, the FBI couldn’t hold them off because of one gun…

The Mini-14 Rifle

The Mini-14’s raw power alone revolutionized the local law enforcement, opening up the “patrol carbine” era.

It’s now normal for law enforcement to have powerful weapons like Mini-14s and AR-15s lying in their trunk. All because of one event.

Who knew one shootout with a Mini-14 rifle would change history? Nobody except the people at Ruger.

Ruger knew their gun’s raw power was created for the military, even though the Second Amendment protects the rights of all law-abiding citizens to keep and bear those arms.  However, when you put that in the hands of criminals, havoc is destined to follow.

Why did they make this weapon of mass destruction? It happened while they tried to…

Miniaturize the M-14

If Ant-Man used a Pym Particle disc on an M-14, the result would be a Mini-14.

And it didn’t happen on accident. It took 6 painstaking years of research and trials before Ruger finally succeeded in developing a Mini-14.

It’s cheaper, simpler, and much lighter than most guns in its class. Due to this, it earned the reputation of the…

Poor Man’s AR-15

But is it true? Not really.

Matter of fact, the Mini-14 cost exactly the same as a new Colt SP1 — the original AR-15. But there was a problem…

The original AR-15 (Colt SP1) looked like the M16A1.

That’s a HUGE problem. Because that meant the gun was associated with the Vietnam War — a highly unpopular war.

As a result, nobody wanted it. And that’s where the…

Mini-14 Beat The ‘Original’ AR-15

The Mini-14 didn’t look like the Colt SP1 nor did the Mini-14 shoot like it.

The Min-14 rifle was reliable, simple, and most importantly, it looked different.

That’s the key — different.

If the Mini-14 had looked like the M16A1, Ruger would’ve failed. Luckily it didn’t.

Instead, the Mini-14 looked like the tried-and-true M1 Garand, making it very easy to market.

The result?

Mini-14’s Financial Success

The Mini-14 flew off the shelves.

Civilians wanted it. Police departments wanted it. Prison Guards wanted it. And it wasn’t until the Mini-14 was featured on a very popular show, “The A-Team” that it really sold out.

Soon, everyone and their mothers wanted it.

Leading to the rise of the…

Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle

The Ranch Rifle solved the Mini-14’s largest problem: no reliable scope mounts.

That’s a BIG problem.

Like what’s the point of an accurate Mini-rifle if you can’t see what you’re firing at? No point.

So, Ruger rebuilt the Min-14 rifle from the bottom to feature an integral scope mount. Thanks to their hard work, you can now put on a Min-14 rifle scope. Speaking of scopes…

Did you find your best scope for Mini-14?

Not yet, I hear? Get yourself one NOW.

If you want to unleash the REAL potential of your rifle, read this Mini-14 scopes guide. It’ll change the way you shoot.

And if you’re really serious (and smart) about shooting, check out the guides at Scopes Field. They’ll revolutionize your Mini-14 rifle scope like the Mini-14 changed law enforcement history.

Article by Richard Douglas

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