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Woman Calls Police On Innocent Man Wearing Pro-Gun Shirt

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A Texas man had the police called to check him out by a woman who said she was not afraid of his gun, but what his shirt had on it.

I love this shirt!

Troy Johnston was visiting a playground in Benbrook with his two daughters in March wearing the above shirt that is produced by Warrior 12, a West Virginia-based company.

As you can see, the shirt has a picture of an AR-15-style rifle and the words, “I’ll control my guns, you control your kids.”

I figured I might get some comments or looks,” Johnston said. “[But] I was legally exercising my First and Second Amendment rights.”

BlueLivesmatter reported:

Approximately 30 minutes after the kids began playing, a man approached him with his wife and daughter in tow, Johnston said.

He said the man told him that a woman was “fuming” over the message on Johnston’s shirt, as well as the fact that he was armed.

“I thanked him for letting me know, and continued playing with my kids,” Johnson said.

A short while later, another man and his family approached Johnston, and asked to read his shirt, he said.

Johnston showed him his shirt, at which point the man warned him that his father-in-law had just been harassed by woman in the parking lot, and that she was contacting police regarding Johnson’s attire.

The man told Johnston that he didn’t know “what was wrong with her,” and that he actually “felt more secure knowing there was someone there that would protect them,” Johnston said.

Benbrook Police Department (BPD) Corporal J. Reese indicated a woman did contact police and informed them of a “suspicious” person with a “gun holstered to his chest” and was wearing the shirt with the phrase above.

Johnston was actually wearing his gun on his hip.

The woman claimed that Johnston “was making other parents on the playground very uncomfortable with his t-shirt.”

However, Corporal Reese wrote in his report, “The subject did not act threatening to anyone, nor did he threaten anyone.”

Here’s the really weird part.

“She was not scared of the gun,” Cpl. Reese said. “[She] was concerned about his t-shirt.”

This is Texas for goodness sakes!  Who in the world is scared of letters on a shirt?

The woman was angry, but Johnston waited around to meet with police.  While he spoke to Reese, the woman stared from about 20 or 30 feet away, never engaging him.

“She was highly ticked off,” Johnston said.

I’m guessing she was a Democrat-Communist to have engaged in such cowardly behavior over a shirt.

Johnston said everyone else was great, but this one woman was the only one who had an issue.

“I love my shirt,” he said. “I’ll probably order more just so I can wear them every day I’m off of work.”

So, if you really wanna tick off a Commie here in America, I suggest you pick up one of these t-shirts for yourself… and maybe one for them.

Click here to order one for yourself.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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