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Woman Confronts Beto O’Rourke On His Gun Confiscation: “Hell No, You’re Not Taking Our AR-15s!” (Video)

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Beto O’Rourke recently showed up in Aurora, Colorado to pitch his anti-constitutional agenda, but there was a 5-foot, 100-pound woman that showed up among a midst of panty waisted men and liberal women to confront him about his promises should he be elected as president.

The woman, who claimed to be carrying her Glock conceal weapon said that her response to O’Rourke’s comment, “Hell yes, we are taking your AR-15” was “Hell no, you’re not!”

She really got to the heart of the matter very quickly by asking how he was going to legislate the heart of man, something that, as a Christian, I would certainly like to know because that is what all of this is about.

It’s about men and government attempting to play God.

She reminded O’Rourke of not only the fact that a criminal, by definition, violates the law, but she also reminded him of his own criminal past.  Did laws stop O’Rourke from committing his crimes?  Nope.

And the supreme law of the land, The US Constitution, doesn’t seem to even make him blink his eyes as he ignores Article 1 and the Second Amendment completely.

Watch as the lazy slob beside her seems to berate her over her comments.

"Hell No" Pro-Gun Mother Confronts Beto AND talks about his criminal past to his face! EPIC! We need more women like her!

Posted by TalkRadio 1680 KGED on Thursday, September 19, 2019

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