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Wyoming Man Enters Bank With Shotgun – You’ll Never Guess The Reaction Of The Vice President!

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Carrying a gun into a bank is considered to be “against the law,” but I often question, how are you in violation of the law when the law says your right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  Isn’t bearing your gun in a bank protected under those words that it is a right and not a privilege?  Well, yes, it is, but only if you are a true constitutionalist or a founding father.  It’s why I pay no regard to man-made laws that prevent me from carrying into a bank.  However, a Wyoming man took a shotgun in his local bank and the reaction of vice-president of the bank was incredible.

Randy Tucker is the man I’m talking about.  He wrote about his experience at Gunpowder Magazine.

Mind you, he didn’t do this recently.  His tale took place in September 1980.  Today, one might find themselves shot or surrounded by cops outside the bank.

Tucker had just purchased a 12 gauge 870 Wingmaster shotgun for about $200, but consider that was a lot of money for a man that made just over $13,000 annually.

There were two banks that he could go to in Lusk, Wyoming but neither had a drive-through window, and his 1972 GMC pickup’s passenger door lock was broken so that it could not be locked.

So, pulling into the bank to cash his check, he decided to simply grab the shotgun and take it in with him.

Here’s what Tucker says happened next.

So I took the shotgun under my right arm, walked to the door, opened it for an older lady to enter first, then walked inside. I leaned the shotgun up against a center customer service shelf and wrote my check. I left the gun leaning there as I walked up to the teller to get it cashed.

She gave me a strange smile as I approached, something I had not expected. A vice-president came out of his glassed office, walked up to the teller bay and said, “Randy, did you know you just brought a gun into a bank?”

Well, sure I did. But then it dawned on me: I had brought a gun into a bank.

Embarrassed, I quickly explained why I had not left it in the truck. Chuck was the bank officer’s name, and one of his boys played football for the Tigers, where I was an assistant coach. I knew him from the sidelines and from parent-teacher conferences.

“I wouldn’t make it a habit of taking a shotgun into a bank,” Chuck laughed. “Is it loaded?”

Of course it wasn’t loaded, but it was still a 12 gauge pump action beauty, capable of creating a lot of havoc in a very short time, and it was gleaming there in all its dark walnut and metal glory against a wall in bank.

None of the other customers paid it any mind, just the teller and the vice-president.

There are a few banks around that are actually thankful that good, loyal customers carry concealed in their banks.  Many are small hometown banks.  I can recall my uncle, who carried no less than three guns on him at all times, would be thanked constantly by the bank he visited because he was not intimidated by criminals, either in government or who sought to rob banks.

I truly wish our society was like it was back then, perhaps we wouldn’t be seeing the criminal activity we see today.  What do you think?


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